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And Then There Were Non


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Kitabın Orjinal Adı : And Then There Were Non
Yayınevi : Nüans Publishing
Yazar : Agatha Christie
Kategori : İngilizce (Çizgi Roman),Yabancı Dil Öğrenimi
Piyasa Fiyatı : 29.00 TL
ISBN No : 9780007275328
Sayfa Sayısı : 52
Temin Süresi : 3
Boyutları : 23.0x30.0
Basım Tarihi : 2009
On an isolated private island, ten invited guests are murdered one by one - until there are none.

Ten strangers are invited to take a holiday at a small island mansion. Over dinner, their unseen host accuses them all of hiding a guilty secret - and by the end of the evening, one of them is dead. As the hours pass, the survivors realize that the murderer is among them, preparing to kill again and again until there are none!

And Then There Were None is widely regarded as Agatha Christie's masterpiece, a novel she once admitted was the hardest to write. It is her bestselling book, a successful stage play and computer game, and has been filmed many times. Now Frank Leclerq's colourful adaptation adds a new dimension to this nerve-racking mystery.

Famed for her crime masterpieces, Agatha Christie's books have become the best-selling in the world, appealing to readers young and old for their ingenious plots and immediately recognizable characters. The stories have also transcended the printed page, become bestselling audiobooks and award-winning films, plays and television series. Now words and pictures combine in an exciting new way of telling these stories - full-colour graphic novels which enhance the original stories and offer a completely new way of enjoying some of the world's most popular and exciting mysteries
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