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Victoria's Secret Makyaj Kiti - PARTY PERFECT

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Victoria"s Secret Makyaj Seti - Makeup Kit (VS)



My Review

I recently won this item through a Giveaway and I really wanted to try out this palette first because I have never tried any eyeshadows from Victoria Secret.
I am not sure why but I always figured the packaging from Victoria secret would be kind of cheesy but I was wrong. The packaging is super cute. This palette comes with 16 different shades and it also comes with a separate compartment that holds one blush and one contour shade. Unlike most palettes that have a slide out compartment the Victoria Secret one isn't hard to pull out at all.
The one bad thing I can say about the palette is that it can easily get very dirty with finger prints, but it's not a big deal to me.
It also comes with a huge mirror inside the palette.
Just like the packaging I wasn't expecting the best pigmentation but I was actually surprised at the quality. Majority of the shadows are very pigmented especially the darker colors, some of the lighter colors are not so pigmented, but if you apply it with a base you shouldn't have a problem. The one issue with the shadows that was obvious was some of them are very chalky and powdery.
Staying Power
I have to be honest these shadows didn't last all day on me. I have super dry eyes and even when I applied a primer the shadows still faded. I think if you want to wear these shadows for short periods it's a great palette, but for me I would not wear these shadows from morning until night time because it did fade for me.









  • Very cute packaging
  • Comes with a huge mirror 
  • Great palette for traveling
  • Most of the shades are pigmented
  • Good variety of neutral colors  with a good mix of some colorful eyeshadows
  • The eyeshadows blend easily
  • The lighter eyeshadows are chalky
  • Most of the eyeshadows are powdery
  • Not easily found in Toronto
  • Does fade throughout the day, for me at least


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