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The Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Legacy Omnitrix is an alien device that can be redesigned in over a 1,000 different ways. Young fans of the animated series Ben 10 will love reconstructing this watch-styled alien device, re-enacting favorite scenes from the show, or coming up with their own other-worldly adventures. The Ultimate Alien Legacy Omnitrix is an exciting toy for curious fans aged 4 to 10 years who love to build.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Logo
Legacy Omnitrix

Ages: 4 years and up
Requires: Some assembly

What We Think

Fun factor: 4 starts
Durability: 5 starts
Ease of assembly: 4 starts
Educational factor: 3 starts
Novelty factor: 3 starts

The Good: More than 1,000 possible design combinations.
The Challenging: Smaller kids may need help disassembling.
In a Nutshell: An exciting buildable and wearable toy for young fans of Ben 10.
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Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

Any young fan of Ben 10 will be enthralled with this interactive, mysterious device. View larger.
More Than 1,000 Possible Combinations for this Alien Device
This buildable and wearable toy includes pictorial instructions for building three models of Omnitrix: Ultimatrix, Omnitrix Fx, and Ultimate Omnitrix. But the fun doesn't end there--with 35 pieces in the set, the Legacy Omnitrix can be assembled into 1,000 different wearable variations.

This plastic toy set features an attractive dark gray and neon green color scheme and essential Omnitrix pieces, including a lightcore that spins and flashes light when triggered, three different lightcore cases, and more than a dozen button and tube-like accent pieces for embellishment.

After building their own alien device, kids can strap them onto their wrists with the three Velcro straps. Like the precocious protagonist Ben 10, they'll be equipped for hours of inspired play armed with this awesome alien device. The Omnitrix is easily constructed and quite sturdy once assembled. Because of this, younger kids might need a little help disassembling pieces.

Ben 10
When 10-year-old Ben Tennyson finds a mysterious device, he's able to turn into a variety of alien heroes, each with uniquely awesome powers.

With such abilities at his disposal, Ben realizes a greater responsibility to help others and stop evildoers, but that doesn't mean he's above a little superpowered mischief now and then.

Ben 10 is just your average story about an ordinary kid, a strange watch and super alien heroes.

In the animated series Ben 10, the Omnitrix features powerful alien technology that allows the wearer of this device to gain immediate insight into an alien race's feelings and thoughts. Used for good purposes, the Omnitrix promotes empathy and understanding. But like all powerful things, this device comes with great responsibility and consequences. Will it be used as a conduit for peace, or as a weapon for evil means?

Young fans of Ben 10 will love integrating the functions of Omnitrix into their imaginative play. With the Ultimate Alien Legacy Omnitrix they'll practice building skills and exercise their creativity, while playing with a toy from a favorite show.

What's in the Box
Thirty-five UltimateAlien Legacy Omnitrix pieces, two LR44 batteries, and instruction guide.

Legacy Omnitrix Legacy Omnitrix Legacy Omnitrix
Construct over a thousand possible combinations, or recreate each of Ben's three versions of the Omnitrix.

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